Proceedings 2018

OAGM Workshop 2018

Medical Image Analysis

May 15-17, 2018

Private University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics
and Technology (UMIT)

Hall/Tyrol, Austria

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Front Matter

Image Retrieval with BIER: Boosting Independent Embeddings Robustly
Michael Opitz, Georg Waltner, Horst Possegger, Horst Bischof

Multi-label Whole Heart Segmentation using Anatomical Label Configurations and CNNs
Christian Payer, Darko Stern, Horst Bischof, Martin Urschler

Multivariate Manifold Modelling of Functional Connectivity in Developing Language Networks
Ernst Schwartz, Karl-Heinz Nenning, Gregor Kasprian, Anna-Lisa Schuller, Lisa Bartha-Doering, Georg Langs

Early Predictors of Bone Infiltration in Multiple Myeloma Patients from T2 weighted MRI Images
Roxane Licandro, Johannes Hofmanninger, Marc-André Weber, Bjoern Menze, Georg Langs

Volumetric Reconstruction from a Limited Number of Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs Using CNNs
Franz Thaler, Christian Payer, Darko Stern

Unsupervised Identification of Clinically Relevant Clusters in Routine Imaging Data
Johannes Hofmanninger, Markus Krenn, Markus Holzer, Thomas Schlegl, Helmut Prosch, Georg Langs

Generative Adversarial Networks to Synthetically Augment Data for Deep Learning based Image Segmentation
Thomas Neff, Christian Payer, Darko Stern, Martin Urschler

Multi-camera Array Calibration for Light Field Depth Estimation
Bernhard Blaschitz, Svorad Štolc, Doris Antensteiner

CNN training using additionally training data extracted from frames of endoscopic videos
Georg Wimmer, Michael Häfner, Andreas Uhl

Bridging the gap between classical Robot Vision and Deep Learning
Jean-Baptiste Weibel, Timothy Patten, Michael Zillich

Towards ScalableFusion: Feasibility Analysis of a Mesh Based 3D Reconstruction
Simon Schreiberhuber, Johann Prankl, Markus Vincze

Page Segmentation and Region Classification Based on Region Bounding Boxes
Thomas Lang

The Convex-Concave Ambiguity in Perspective Shape from Shading
Michael Breuß, Ashkan Mansouri Yarahmadi, Douglas Cunningham

Fast Solvers for Solving Shape Matching by Time Integration
Martin Bähr, Michael Breuß, Robert Dachsel

A Study of Spectral Expansion for Shape Correspondence
Michael Breuß, Robert Dachsel, Laurent Hoeltgen

Image texture classification with morphological amoeba descriptors
Franz Schwanninger, Martin Welk

Depreciating Motivation and Empirical Security Analysis of Chaos-based Image and Video Encryption
Mario Prieshuber, Thomas Hütter, Stefan Katzenbeisser, Andreas Uhl

A Network Traffic and Player Movement Model to Improve Networking for Competitive Online Games
Philipp Moll, Mathias Lux, Sebastian Theuermann, Hermann Hellwagner

Reliably Decoding Autoencoders’ Latent Spaces for One-Class Learning Image Inspection Scenarios
Daniel Soukup, Thomas Pinetz

Detection of bomb craters in WWII aerial images
Simon Brenner, Sebastian Zambanini, Robert Sablatnig

Semi-Automatic Retrieval of Toolmark Images
Manuel Keglevic, Robert Sablatnig

Large Area 3D Human Pose Detection Via Stereo Reconstruction in Panoramic Cameras
Christoph Heindl, Thomas Pönitz, Andreas Pichler, Josef Scharinger

Vision-based Autonomous Feeding Robot
Matthias Schörghuber, Marco Wallner, Roland Jung, Martin Humenberger, Margrit Gelautz

A workflow for 3D model reconstruction from multi-view depth acquisitions of dynamic scenes
Christian Kapeller, Braulio Sespede, Matej Nezveda, Matthias Labschütz, Simon Flöry, Florian Seitner, Margrit Gelautz

Globally Consistent Dense Real-Time 3D Reconstruction from RGBD Data
Rafael Weilharter, Fabian Schenk, Friedrich Fraundorfer

Efficient 3D Pose Estimation and 3D Model Retrieval
Alexander Grabner, Peter~M. Roth, Vincent Lepetit

Being lazy at labelling for pose estimation
Georg Poier, David Schinagl, Horst Bischof